About Us

We wanted to wear sustainable fashion that is affordable, looks good, is ethical & good quality. Out of that need, Young Alive was created for the generation that can have it all, or we can at least try.

Why are we so cheap? And how are we sustainable?

We work directly with audited factories – cutting out the middlemen, sounds simple but it isn’t!

Most of our styles are made from the factory's offcuts or stock fabric (this means that some of our quantities are low so once it’s gone it’s gone). Using up the fabric offcuts and stock fabrics reduces wastage & means we can negotiate the best prices.

The factories tell us what fabric they have as stock, so again giving us the best price to use this up & also ensuring that nothing goes to waste.

All our recycled packaging is kept to a minimum

As a small team, we work efficiently & keep our costs low so we can forward you all the savings (no swings in our office…. well not yet but it would be shit hot)

We allocated most of what would traditionally be a big marketing budget to offering you the best shopping experience, free next-day delivery & returns.

Our Promise

By the end of 2023 if not all then most of our styles will be sustainable & we will highlight this in the product description. We will also be transparent about what makes it sustainable.

We are a young brand so please bear us! But it’s our promise that not only are we working to become fully sustainable but to stay as cheap as possible. We promise we will keep pushing to make this happen & we will keep you updated. As we grow we will continue to improve on product, design & service.

We’re Young Alive.

Thank you for visiting, reading and shopping and please DON’T keep this a secret x